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Vira's human resources policy is fair, transparent and giving a voice, where employees find opportunities to reveal their potential, each employee contributes to Vira's future by creating value and is valued, high-performance, development-oriented, exhibiting strong and effective leadership in every field, It aims to create a company culture that reflects the spirit of the only Vira and a highly committed, happy, productive, successful and healthy workforce.

In line with this goal, it adopts and develops fair, transparent and integrated practices in accordance with global human resources trends under 3 main headings in order to attract, develop and retain the most valuable talents. In this way, it aims to take fast steps towards becoming the preferred employer and the best workplace. Human resources at Vira; It adopts a management approach that works with all units with a strategic business partner approach, constantly analyzes company and employee needs, creates value and quickly adapts to changing conditions.

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