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General Terms and Device Service Agreement

1. The warranty period is 24 months from the invoice date. Defective products, without invoice, without warranty certificate or commissioning form due to usage errors, are not covered by the warranty.

2. Service requests must be specified 2 days in advance in Istanbul, 7 days outside the city and at least 21 days abroad.

3. The place of use, connection type, fluid, pressure, temperature and contact information of the defective device must be sent.

4. Replacement or repair of defective products out of warranty is made after the customer approves the offer.

5. Defective device repair time will take place after you confirm our pre-repair price quote and fax it to us.

6. Our customers are fully responsible for the shipping and packaging of the defective device sent out of warranty.

7. The delivery of the product is made with the "Technical Service Form". Replaced and installed products are under the manufacturer's warranty.

8. The maximum repair time is 30 working days.

Requesting Service on behalf of the Customer

I have read the 8-item document mentioned above as General Conditions and Device Repair Agreement. By accepting these conditions, I request technical service from your company.


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